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 Did I grow old?
 Am I weak?
 Do I have something that nobody can change in me?
 Have I changed too much?
 Did I stop writing?
 Did I stop being curious?
 Did I stop making things?
 Am I taking too much pressure?
 Am I hiding too much pressure?
 Did I give up on asking for love?
 Did I give up using the word "love"?
 Did I give up myself being carefree?
 Did I start pushing back everyone?
 Did I fail too many times?
 Did I start saying no to all?
 Did I give up on responsibilities?
 Did I give up on grammar?
 Did I give up on being attractive?
 Did I give up on sorries?
 Did I?

The New Way


It is only the way it is until we discover the new way it is, and then that is the way it is until we discover the new way it is, and so it goes until the world is no longer flat, electricity lights the night, and shoes are no longer tied with ribbons.

Poor Things, 2023

KDE Network Nepal


The KDE Network is a group of KDE representatives in their respective cities/countries promoting KDE, and it’s work in their local community. Additionally, they are responsible for helping to grow the community, and to act as a liaison between their local community and KDE.

This is what I found when going through KDE wiki wondering how KDE as a community was structured. Seeing there were not many local groups listed, I wanted to contribute by forming a group here in Nepal. Hence, the introduction event with megarelease celebration.

KDE Network

Attending GNOME.Asia 2023


I'm back home from Kathmandu. This time it was an event from GNOME; the GNOME.Asia 2023. There were poeple from Fedora, GNOME, Phosh form different parts of world ; USA, Indonesia, India in Kathmandu, Nepal for a conference about FOSS. It was quite an event. Also, got to contribute to fedora by eating the 20th anniversary cake too😉, there should really be a badge for "has eaten fedora cake" in fedora badges.

It was a very fun and educational experience. I realize that the people in FOSS are generally very generous, friendly and helpful.

My First PC Game


I'm not much of a gamer and haven't gamed in a very long time even on mobile which was the only thing I had before I got my laptop. Also, being a tinkerer, I spent most of my time tinkering with my Linux system and android custom ROMs.

Today I felt like I was missing out a lot and kinda wanted to game. Gave it a quick search and found "Hollow Knight" which seems like my type of game so I purchased it on steam. Might as well call it my first desktop game. It feels special.

You and What's on Your Mind


I think it's normal to assume whats going one someone's mind (prejudge) and make decisions based on it. Like, If I assume something about you and do something based on that assumption and you feel like I understand you, It's a different feeling, a happy feeling. But, it's a gamble, because what if the assumption is incorrect, what if how I acted ruined the interaction?

So, I believe knowing a person requires a longer time then we want it to take and it will consist of mistakes and lucks that'll slowly form a decent representation of a person in our mind. For a tech nerd like me the best example for the process of getting to know a person is like training an AI model. Like, look at how DALL.E could generate images a few years back and how it generates images in the current state.

So, yeah! We don't know a person within a month or even an year or a lifetime because knowing is only predicting what the other mind would think and it's constantly changing and evolving. And when we think we know a person it's only a close enough representation of the actual person in our head compared to what they really are, similar to DALL.E making images out of probability and assumptions.

Holidays and Plans


3rd Semester of Computer Engineering is over now, and the vacation starts. This time, like all the semester endings, I have a lot of ideas and plans in mind and I hope to complete at least some of them if not all. Last vacation I looked into the Rust book and this holidays I want to try making a project in rust.

The other thing is that I switched from Fedora to NixOS, the Nix language and the OS's declerativeness has gotten me interested in Haskell and functional paradigm in general. Also, lambda calculus, currying, monads and other concepts originated from functional paradigm are very interesting.

I hope to learn something flashy✨, something technical⚙ and something unique❄️ this holiday.

GitHub Field Day


I like the initiative by GitHub to bring like-minded people of tech in a single place by organising un-conferences around the globe. On one hand, I am excited to meet people like me but on the other hand, it's GitHub(Microsoft) whose product I will become as the saying goes "If you aren't paying for the product, you are the product".

Anyways, meeting my people is more important and about being a product, that should be handled strategically. I'll try to include other git hosting platforms like gitlab, codeberg and forgejo whenever I say the word GitHub, think that's more healthy.



I created a new section called to keep track of researches and notes I create throughout my journey in the tech world. It's integrated with my obsidian workflow so, I can easily put in and out the things I want to track which is sooo cool!

Mental Liquidity


I came across a blog post about Mental Liquidity, and it got me into thinking how people do not want to change their mind, especially when it comes to generationally gapped individuals. One's beliefs can be drastically different from the other and yet none would listen to the other and look at it from their perspective as well. Humans have evolved learning things and passing the technique that helped them survive to the new generation, so it isn't a big deal to assume that they survived fine with those beliefs, and it is far optimal to pass on that belief than to gamble with new opinions.

Anyway, I hope it doesn't just remain as a new term in my vocabulary. I believe that one should be able to change their mind on things, change my mind!

Officially a Space Explorer



  1. A territory over which rule or control is exercised.
  2. A sphere of activity, influence, or knowledge: synonym: field.
  3. The set of all possible values of an independent variable of a function.
  4. An open connected set that contains at least one point.

Yep! I have my own domain now. My own territory, my own space,

Eww! Yuck!


Gnome is officially out of the system now. I loved it but I love hyprland better now. Anyways, the consistency with GTK apps was what I liked about it and the essence of that still remains in hyprland with EWW which is configured in yuck, hence the title.

EWW works as almost all the things, but some standalone apps are still better to have, so I have used swaync as the notification daemon and rofi-wayland as the launcher. Overall the system is pretty usable now, and I just love hyprland's animations.