Exponential Fluctuations


Sometimes It's the end of the world,
sometimes MEH! It is what it is.
The same thing kills you sometimes,
and sometimes it makes you fly.
It's never neutral, never stable,
never in an equilibrium.
6 hours worth of contemplation,
a minute will change it all.

Experimenting with Feelings


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This is one of those hot takes on "Love" ooOooh!!

Human nature is weird. Like, how someone would behave when they feel like they're loved and how the behavior would change when they feel like they are indifferent to them. It's quite fascinating that the behavioral and psychological pattern change, how cute turns into offensive and feelings turn into conscious infatuation. Apparently hope plays quite a big role in it. One could argue that "love" is nothing but just hopefulness. And when one gets hopeless, everybody knows how that goes.

This is neither a paper nor a thesis, it's just my take on love today. So, I suppose it's better incomplete and a hot take than a "WHAT I SAY IS ALWAYS TRUE" of a vibe. Bye!

Some Fleabag


I kinda binged fleabag and it was quite awesome. It's more of a six-hour movie than a show, I'd say. I had watched season 1 and season 2 wasn't difficult to finish. This is one of those series which I hated the first season, and it made my mind with the second. It's a masterpiece as it ended with an actual ending and wasn't extended due to public demand or just money.

Yeah! The fact that it ended is my second favorite thing about the show.

Continuing the Redesign


I made link previews, made logo dynamic with color changes, stylized POSSE views and little improvements like: isolating readable.css and improving the paginator layout.

And talking about my achievement today, I unlocked a pimple on my face due to sleeplessness. Yayyyy!

Second Day


This is day two of redesigning the site, it is going fine, I added designs, and it's cool now. Some new fonts and SVG backgrounds, and we have a completely different design. I'm loving it. My favorite theme if you ask is everforest-dark every time.



So, this is the mini-blog thingy that I was planning to make for some time now. And maybe I'll share my thoughts following POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) and share the link to this to everywhere else. I have an RSS feed for this, which I'll try to use for fetching and scripting if needed and anybody can just use it normally as intended as well.