2023-10-31Genre: Articles

Youtube, whatyaar!

Yaar YouTube! What's this. Being the biggest video platform you keep degrading day by day. The changes I'm seeing just makes me sad. You are unusable without me modifying you to an extent. You are not the platform you used to be.

You've Changed!

  1. Ad-block blocker? Seriously? How does that work? Thought we were allowed to modify the product on our end but not distribute it. Well, we were doing that and were happy with it. And what about the legality of checking the user's system individually, but it's expected now, you guys even forgot your first motto and even removed "Don't be evil." from you code of conduct.

  2. Removing dislike counter was a pretty bold move, wow! We heard your explanation "Some people were getting harassed by the dislike spammers." who are these "some people" here? You yourself? Because the last YouTube rewind was prolly the most disliked video till you removed the counter. You made our life harder by removing a perfect metric to know if the video was worth watching or not.

  3. Add to queue behind paywall? Why? Why even put a perfectly fine feature that was enjoyed by the non premium users for ages suddenly behind the paywall? I have only seen it as a premium feature in mobile but I don't think it'll take you long to put it behind even on the website.

  4. Multiple, queued and un-skippable ads. I don't even want to talk about them! I don't even know if any other platform has this kind of ad system.

  5. Start to shorts directly? This gets me furious! I did not come to YouTube to watch TikToks PERIOD.