2022-06-07 Genre: Poems


I'm sleepless, and not tired,
happy but scared.
I'm dreaming, yet awake,
all because of you.

The way you look at me,
your shining eyes.
They are magnificent,
see, I'm drowning into it.

The way you speak with me,
your rosy pink lips.
Melts my heart into water,
everytime, again and again.

My eyes search you.
and find you in the dark.
The picture, it's always yours,
as my eyelids close to black.

I can listen to my heart,
It's dashes and dots.
Think it's telling your name,
In morse, '.-.. --- ...-' and a '.'

Hope we have things in common,
and that, we could be one.
Hope, It's a beautiful thing,
Butterflies, in my stomach.

Seeing you happy, a heavenly feeling,
your laugh, it mesmerizing.
Hearts, you're supposed to rule.
Conclusion: You're too beautiful.