2022-01-06Genre: Poems

You Won't Understand

Don't think the way I think.
Don't count the things I do.
Don't see the love in me.
Can't feel the pain I feel.
Don't notice a friend in me.
Don't see what I expect.
Are not like who you were.
Are not who I used to think.
Don't share what you feel.
Can't see what I've become.

Have done what I could do.
Tried to share my feelings with you.
Have hid a lot of pain.
Think I know how you do.
Tried to be there for you.
Tried to be a friend in need.
Thought I could fix all this.
Thought we were bros still.
Don't want to regret this time.
Need your help to fix my life.

Got no time to talk
Have no time to be there.
Need us both to understand.
Have all these things to share.
Need to win that wicked mood.
But don't need to win always.
Might as well fight sometimes.
Know that it takes some time.
Know that It has not been late.
Just need to communicate.