2022-03-31 Genre: Poems

I in My Wonderland

I wonder what a blind man sees.
Does he see darkness like I do
or does he feel colors through his ears?

I wonder what a deaf woman hears.
Does she feel silence like I do
or does she enjoy music with her eyes?

I wonder what a dead person thinks.
Does it think of nothingness which I can't
or does it think with it's soul flying? Up! up in the sky.

I'm Unexperienced, I don't know any.
Lost inside the wonders that my brain creates.
Is there a way to feel what others do? No!

There's no good or bad in wondering.
The people dying in my head when they are late.
It's just my own brain trying to scare itself.

I get overly excited wondering a thing.
A thing that's close to impossible, soo close.
And then I am demolished by the same impossibility.

The positives and negatives of wonder.
They are contained within themselves.
All the difference is made by the truth I expect.

But all the unreality breaks down in a while.
I snap back into existence, the real world.
Where the world is driven by it. Yes, wonders!

I wonder what I could be if ……………………