2021-05-11 Genre: Poems


Flowing water.
Sparkling droplets forming rainbow,
dispersing light from white to colors.
The sound of yours give me different feelings;
a feeling of satisfaction, relaxation.
A feeling that can put me to sleep.
You flow with a unpredictable turbulence,
bouncing and breaking into droplets.
Droplets that go everywhere, anywhere.
Sometimes you drown me
maybe others too drown inside you.
Never steady and ever changing,
You may just me a point in time
or might be a whole life to me.
I can't be far from you
neither can I be near you.
You are heavenly and beautiful as hell
or are you nature's weapon of destruction.
It's just in your nature to be anything,
make your own paths and explore.
New directions new ways
like the flow of electrons of an atom.
And I, am just an antelope
quenching my thirst in a puddle,
beside the Waterfall.