2023-01-04 Genre: Poems


Did you think, the wait was over?
Oh! it's has just began.
Your thoughts and dreams, and what not,
it's killing you from the 'in'.
The more you wait, more will you think,
it's seems normal to me.
The more you think, less becomes you,
as it's supposed to be.

You are a puppet, with some feelings,
no brain that can see.
Just be a slave, approval you crave,
it's not your property.
Failure you are, more you seek,
appeal from somebody.
Weakness all yours, it's just one thing,
irreplaceable monopoly.

You're just a dog, that needs a treat,
you swing your tail around.
Give it a stop, once bark and bite,
show, it is your surround.
You need to be, the one in charge,
don't shoot your foot here.
Describe your plans, redeem your spot,
and make them all clear.

If you believe, the bad in you,
sure it is coming through.
Resist the thought, and build it up,
save it for what is true.
All the times, the sleepless nights,
they should remember you.
Get your team, make good friends,
you be the joining glue.

A circle needs, the center point,
just until it is formed.
Then it gets lost, the void so deep,
not coming back unharmed.
You should be best, compared to you,
it's only truth I know.
Resist the world, it's filled with greed,
you'll reap what you sow.

Behind your back, it's just knives,
not one is helping hand.
You look both ways, back, up and down,
you'll never know what will land.
Sometime you fall, just get up,
you'll need to sprint fast.
Before you speak, make a plan,
or you will cry at last.

Things will come, they go as well,
even truths change with time.
Life gives you lemons, make lemonade
sell it and make your dime.
Keep trying things, make, hack and create,
to try, it's never too late.
When you will shine, and build your fate,
it'll be worth the wait.