2023-01-02 Genre: Poems


Poems, the way I speak.
Eyes, they talk but weak.
Gestures, that's all I'll give.
I've always been like this, so, believe.

Words, I just write them.
Fourth, like I always came.
Resist, all my feelings, then.
All those thoughts, in my brain.

Times, it has been many.
Rhymes, if I found any.
Chimes, my heartbeat makes.
Just three words, that's all it takes.

Fine, like I always am.
Smile, I was programmed.
Clear, it's like a diagram.
Life tests us, it's an exam.

Shine, it's my turn to.
Crime, would be to not do.
Perfect, though I seem blue.
I have to hide, with no clue.

Heart, it's always been soft.
Sweet, like I have always loved.
Fighting, though, I've been idled.
Like life, this poem, everything's untitled.