2023-02-24 Genre: Poems

Too Late

I've seen those eyes a thousand times,
flipping through your pictures, I sleep.
I've been dreaming a lot about you lately,
those dreams are more yours, than mine.
I hear your voice from the texts you send,
and I smile at you, from my phone.
I've become us and the feeling's stuck now,
carved in our heart, that's made of stone.
Us talking while we walk holding hands,
it comes before me, I smile some more.
I trust you with all my deepest secrets,
while we share stories, all night long.
The way you complete my midway stutters,
with your words with mine, we talk.
You hear all my weirdest of interests,
and reply me, singing lyrics of songs.
Small chats and chit-talks that we do,
binds me tighter, up with you.
Stars shine and the moon glows bright,
we call us names, and we talk all night.
I'm up all night writing poems for you,
with my heart, saying the words I feel.
We are now entangled with a stranger force,
it's something, we don't understand yet.
When it started we had nothing to lose,
but now to lose, it's too late.

Creation: 2023-02-22