2024-05-15Genre: Poems


Trapped in the layers of time,
are the stories I might not know,
blips and flashes of faint sparks,
around it, as the rock piles grow.
Times I wish to wind back time,
live those flashbacks a few times,
what I'll get will be what I want,
knowing there's only one way front.
We are there, for a blink of eye,
our time bubble pops, and it dries,
fake scenarios I build, interrupts,
and layers, they get more corrupt.
Those layers grow as I walk with you,
stories born each step we move,
even far, you slow down my time,
your presence fuels the time unwind.
Then, there are times I walk with you,
a mile feels like, footsteps few,
but the path though same way back,
always the longest I've ever walked.