2023-08-16 Genre: Stories

Time Travelling With You

We have this plan, and it's on my mind for a very long time. Some alone time together, far from this prejudicial society with its mythical norms. A cheat day when we break most of the "said" norms of the society and experience a liberal feeling. Rebels they'll call but, we would not care about what they say.

I would be scared to write this, I have always been scared to change things up and go beyond, until you held my hand and taught to be myself, taught how I could make the things I wanted to be true, true. One can only learn by experience they said, I learned mostly from your experiences, from the mistakes you made you'd teach me, from new steps you took you'd teach me. You'd listen to me and comment on my thoughts, scold me and still let me be myself.

A few steps ahead you'd walk, showing directions and alerting me with the obstacles I'm about to face, like a mother who would taste the food herself before feeding it to her baby. I could share most of what I feel to you, and you'd have an answer to each. This day, every year you take me back to the past. A past with no judgement, a past I want to relive, recreate with you, and I am sure that we will do it someday.

Hopefully in the near future, we will travel back to that past.