2021-08-03 Genre: Stories

The End

I am and will be yours and you are mine until the end. We are one single person, and will always be. Will never ever break apart. I vow to never leave you in your darkest times as well as mine. I will always be there with you.

Why am I in this dark quiet place. Silence everywhere, why can't I feel my heart beating ? Why the soil is not making any sound as I walk in it. Why is nobody here! Hello!!

It's been days, maybe weeks , why don't I feel any hunger, thirst, not even tiredness. Am I alive or am I not? What's that light over there ? Hello!!!


Why can't I touch you? Why do you look soo old? Why is that bulb glowing soo white instead of yellow? Is that a calendar? It's been 10 years? Where are all the photos of mine? Is that your diary? What do you mean you waited? What is that mark on your neck? It looks like a healed cut. Hello???!

This wasn't a hallucination? So, am I actually dead? Why am I seeing her? And who's that guy? Heyy!!, can anyone hear me!!? I'm up here! Wait, Are they kissing? How am I suddenly able to read minds?

She has gone through too much. She attempted suicide? Oh, that's what the mark is. So, she met him two years ago on the same graveyard where I was buried.

He too knows what it feels to lose a loved one. His girlfriend died of brain tumor. Ohh so, he plays guitar too. Ahh those good old days.

After all, what have I become? What am I now? What is the purpose of my existence? Maybe there's no reason at all.

Am I just a part of me that lives in her. Maybe this is my life after I am dead. I'm an infection inside her brain, the infection that has the ability to form into a tumor. I have the potential to kill her and maybe, maybe we can be together again, should I? But, what's life then? Isn't it the hope of being alive and trying to fulfill your dreams? What's life without some pain, some wounds, some scratches and bruises that makes you feel more alive. She got the opportunity to live it the way it was intended, I didn't. Yeah she is actually alive, the aliveness that comes killing the pain, healing the wounds as the tears dry up. She's alive, alive with new hope, with new feelings, a new start. As she heals from her never-known disease , me.