2022-01-11 Genre: Poems

Sweet Poison

Some mistakes I fix myself.
And others I don't want to fix.
Those mistakes I find myself.
And others, resonate from noise.

I try doing things my way.
And others are forced on me.
Those things I understand.
And others, they go in vain.

Asking questions I learn a lot.
Other things are (m.a)ed to try.
Now I play with: Force = m.a
And others, I just know, don't ask!

These days I just listen, no talk.
Runners teaching toddlers to walk.
And I think they should let them fall.
Other times, I know that's love.

Showing faults, is not what they like.
It's kinda like training wheels on a bike.
I know generally medicines are bitter.
Don't forget some poisons are sweeter.