2021-10-04Genre: Poems


There are times when I feel lost.
Flying inside those galaxies,
though far from my sight, I see it.
Like nebulae in the heaven, your eyes.
There are times I am attracted to you.
Pulled by the warmth inside you,
though distant, I feel you.
Like Chandra feels around Prithvi.
There are times I fly free.
In my own worlds, inside me,
singing, dancing.... but,
I sense you.
Like a hole in my own oblivion.

Time can do a lot of things.
Walk you, build you, heal you.
Break you, rape you, kill you.
And yet you never died.
From inside me, you resist.
There are times without you,
times when I feel free.
The greatest times of all time.
Those "sometimes" I enjoy.
With people I do want to like.
Until you come ,"the big crunch!"
end of time.