2021-10-06 Genre: Articles

Sad? Just Smile!

More than just a self help technique.

Many people I know are constantly sad and tensed, and I wonder why it is the case. Because I am a pretty chill guy, my sadness lasts for a very short time. It might be because I have very fewer responsibilities and don't have to do much work. I don't know how it actually feels like, maybe I haven't experienced something they have experienced. I see people stressing out and wonder why they don't be "just happy". It sounds dumb, but that's what I feel, why wouldn't they just feel happy about what they are doing. I know that It's like telling a person with depression to just be happy. But actually that is the feeling I get when I see these people. It's totally fine to be sad, I am an adult and I do cry sometimes, but that doesn't mean that I am sad all the time. Or even if I am feeling bad I smile, and after a while it goes away. If there's no need to look sad (like, in a funeral or anything else.) I just like to handle the situations smiling or even giggling. That has its own benefits, but a huge negative is that it makes you a little "not serious". I have experienced this a lot, mostly when I am giving a suggestion and my friends doesn't give a damn about it. Is it really necessary to be bold every time and say the things you want to say in a so called "serious" manner? I usually don't talk in groups but a single person and I do try to make attempts to make the other laugh in a conversation, but that's everyone I guess, because who would really like to be very serious in a conversation. There's a huge role of a person's expressions in a conversation. If the speaker is smiling and talking, the listener will definitely smile despite the pain inside them, the person will feel fresh after taking with you even if they were sad. If you're feeling angry, and you talk with someone in an angry manner, you will get the same expression from them because that's how it works. A simple smile can determine the day of that person you were just talking to. Now that I think of it, it feels more simple. It's like Newton's third law of 'motion', but with an "e" on the front. If you smile they will smile back, if you are angry they get angry back at you, if you help they will help you back, if you are sad they will feel the same (though it's not the same thing that you're experiencing, but they do).

It's funny how people don't realize that they both are angry and arguing with each other because one person was a little angry which started a chain reaction on their anger now they both are fighting. I am not funny nor am I very handsome and charming, but a smile is all it takes to make a person next to you feel happy, and I do smile.

That's all for today, keep smiling.

Be Happy