2023-02-24Genre: Poems


Bye! goodnight, It's time, to sleep.
Then, flash bright, I dive, void deep.
Fine, my mind, it's hard, to keep.
Cry, not loud, damp out, just weep.

Poems, I write, with thoughts, so sad.
Life, I like, it's not, that bad.
You, that's right, the smile, you have.
Us, we met, that's why, I'm glad.

Dreams, sometimes, I see, you there.
Feels, my heart, it's beats, unclear.
Smile, I do, when you, are near.
Glows, your eyes, it's why, I care.

Fear, It's gone, butterflies, all around.
Wish, came true, fly high, to clouds.
Leave, when you, my heart, it pounds.
Lean, on me, each other, we've found.

Wait! don't leave, stay here, some more.
Talk, we will, till we, feel bore.
Shies, the stars, our smiles, before.
Seeing, you happy, I adore, amor.

Things, you talk, sometimes, wordplay.
Trends, I learn't, makes sense, now they.
Voice, my style, it's modern, I'll say.
Purr! my queen, go girl! you slayy.

Creation: 2023-02-17