2023-01-20 Genre: Poems

Shut Up

The voices in my head, they talk but are afraid,
I see the things in red, am I the only slayed,
all my things they're swayed, feelings say I'm dead,
I'm lying on my bed, plans for dodging baits,
the waves as sharp as blades, poisonous than lead,
always there too late, laughters that were paid,
the legends always said, people, they get played,
I hope that you stayed, it's already been too late,
I keep making mistakes, not sure of other ways,
my own mind has been jailed, everything I have failed,
with everything left unsaid, slowly, these feelings fade,
now as I lie awake, scared and scarred with no escape,
I think of how much it takes, to empty a heart so full of rage,
voices, so very deranged, talking about the things that remain just as unexplained,
freefalling into darkness, with hopes way too high up to mess,
little by little the sadness trails, gets me ruthlessly betrayed,
see the loudest smiles being staged, oh, I'd rather silently dread,
the stories get just more mysterious by the day, with too much to hear and very less to ever say,
maybe it's all just a fake, this feeling I cannot quite shake,
worse as the thoughts remained, misery almost always accompanied,
maybe the voices in me are better dead, for my conscience to be by my side instead.

It symbolizes how two brains may say things in different ways but mean the same.

 |                                                                           |
 |         A part of The Hi-Bye Loop: The Chase Hypothesis Semester,         |
 |         incomplete without the words of the lead character, Anu.          |
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