2024-06-16Genre: Stories

Relative Happiness

Happiness can be faked, I guess. Because, It means two things. The happiness that you think that you feel, and the happiness that others think that you feel. And yeah, It is easy to say, "If you're not happy, just be happy!" to a person when you in your mind think that you are happy yourself. When you are happy, it is easy to assume that others are happy too (or others can be happy too). But as all things science, everything that you see or feel isn't true. It is more difficult to believe if someone is happy if you yourself do think that you are not happy. Speaking as a person who used this ("If you're not happy, just be happy!") Sentence quite often (well I am a professional here, having experienced both happiness and unhappiness), I genuinely believed that you can just think that you're happy, then bam! You'll be happy.

But, apparently it is far difficult to "fake happiness until you make happiness" when you are in a state of "unhappiness" yourself. That makes me think that there are two kinds of happiness. One will be the temporary (at the moment) happiness, and another will be persistent (most of the time) happiness. You seem to be feeling happy when you do something that makes you happy (like, watching a movie or writing whatever you want and calling it a story when it clearly isn't) which is the temporary happiness. And the persistent happiness or unhappiness in this case is that constant reminder of your brain calling a moment happy because every other moment other than that moment means not being happy.

(Ooh! Chest pains!) Yeah, it is complex when you really think about it, but when you're really happy you don't think about being happy. Well, this mild surge of unhappiness that I am feeling might have caused by me not being able to reach their expectations or they not being to reach my expectations or both or none(because I think I am forcing myself to be happy for a million reasons to be happy but failing to be happy, hence this "story"). But, see? The main source of happiness is unhappiness itself (bravo! Consolidating yourself!) and well if you're unhappy now, you are destined to be happy after this session of unhappiness ends (hah! The path to happiness).

So, since you have read till the end, you might have grasped the very concept of happiness (or unhappiness), but (hahaha "butt") if you by any means take this seriously and somehow got into an unending rabbithole of unhappiness (or happiness (equally dangerous (haha brackets inside brackets inside brackets (parenthesis?))) ) that is not to be blamed to me. I mean just because I had some fun ending doesn't mean it is not a serous writing and I wish that you (if you, a reader exist (I think it is just me who reads my blog)) read it seriously but after all this is my blog and I can say (or write, duhh!) anything I want here and the best advice I can give is do not believe everything you see in the internet (or outer net, unless it is proven science because everything else is a human construct and can change to make a human happy).