2022-08-11 Genre: Poems

Please Pretend

I pretend to be an expert,
I pretend to be a master,
just pretend to do the work,
And pretend to not suck.

I pretend to be good,
I pretend to be loved,
then pretend that I can ace,
and pretend like I am the best.

I pretend to love you,
I pretend to be fun,
yet pretend to hear you talk,
and pretend that you rock.

I pretend that I'm happy,
I pretend to smile, a lot!
so pretend that I am optimistic,
and pretend that I'm not sick.

I pretend to be a friend,
I pretend like I'm a helping hand,
therefore pretend to be so nice,
And pretend like I am as wise.

You think I wish good for you,
I pretend like I am with you,
You think I dont hate your view,
I pretend like I like that too.

You think I want to see you smile,
and think I bring the good of vibes,
I just pretend to be the man,
that you think helps till he can.

You think what I say is true?
It's soo not what I see in you,
I just pretend how good you are,
killing your picture made by ears.

You think that 'I' is a poet,
I pretend that it's I who is,
But that's as wrong as it can get,
It's everyone, you'll see, just wait.

I see you think your view is pure,
you treat the ones like they deserve,
oh! I think they are not so bad,
Pretend! You'll see the good they have.

Just pretend you're good to them and you'll see the good in them as well.