2021-08-15 Genre: Stories

Nostalgia - My first Love

~ To Paru

The more I think about it, the more it becomes clear that you are the most loving and my favorite person. I remember those days in Bhirgaun and gulp thinking those days were too good and will not return back. I think about how we played hide and seek, made temples under the flower bush and get overwhelmed by the warmth it brings to my heart. I remember how we played; you being teacher and I being a student , you being my mother and I being your son , you being my wife and I being your husband. I remember sleeping on your lap while you played with my hair. I still remember you as that little girl who herself is scared but catches my hand to comfort me while I was scared of the imaginary ghosts from the stories told by Sudip. I remember coming to your house and staying the night talking to you when I didn't get a phone to use WI-FI. I remember being compared to you as we were on same grade and I didn't get top three position on exam while you stood first.I remember everytime I met you I kissed you on your cheeks and you wiped it. I remember you being angry and scolding me and the next minute we were talking about how we liked each other. I remember you skipping to another grade and actually being senior to me (You wouldn't know how angry I was that day.). I remember you leaving Dharan and being far from me when we didn't even had WIFI to communicate. I remember being lonely and sad when I went to your house and you weren't there (I still do).

Since those Days we may be far from each other but I still love you the most . I still think about you and want you to call me, let me sleep on your lap and want you play with my hair while we share our stories , I want you to shout at me when I make mistakes and hit my stupid head while I irritate you with my weird interests. I am what I am because you were already in this world when I just came. Not every birthday can be special but some birthdays can. I want you to feel special today because today is the day I love the most (even though I don't remember the date).

With this capsule I make my most special person more special by making you the first person in the world to get a birthday wish from this protocol.

With love, ~ Spu