2023-03-09 Genre: Poems


I compare you to the moon in the sky,
you're different each day, like lua's phases,
the craters I see, are your subtle dimples,
your shiny eyes, the moon glowing bright.

I compare you with the daisy in the wild,
you smile for no reason, like daisies bloom,
their dance with wind, is you being yourself,
your simple heart, it's what they represent.

I compare you to the poems that I write,
you're the only one, like the rhymes I rhyme,
worlds they contain, are your favorite places,
your cute smile, is what they always seek.

I compare you with me and my nuances,
you complete me, just like I want you to do,
my weird views, are like "em" trends you follow,
you yourself, is who I'm entangled with.