2023-01-01 Genre: Poems


What have I done for you?
Do I expect some things?
I've always been there, your shadow.
Pushing limits, the poem sings.

Why do I feel not included?
Do you see me as a stranger?
I've been there with you all the time.
Yet I'm alone, it's all stranger danger.

Seeing you, I think it's love.
Things I'd do to make you smile.
And yet you've lost me here.
I see you found your style.

Expectations, they are gone now.
I think, I am done here.
Ignoring you would be so great.
You don't know what love is, dear.

I've lost people this way.
One person at a time.
Now I feel how my mom felt.
I've been too kind, I'm fine.

Blind spots, though, you see things.
I was always in your side.
Some sides you don't notice.
Though, you notice far and wide.

I don't care what you saw.
I always did my part there.
You should have seen me do it.
My spectra were loud and clear.

Now I think why I did it.
Should not have pushed the bounds.
Now, every time it scares me.
Your eyes, the face, those sounds.

Think I'll stop what I did.
But others deserve the same.
So, I'll behave the same way.
Until I finish crossing their name.

I don't feel missed by you.
Because feelings can be false.
But the proof doesn't lie me.
You missed me, middle of the alls.