2023-03-09Genre: Poems


It's midnight!

Only light is that of the moon,
only light that I trust won't go.
Only thoughts are that of yours,
only thoughts that can not go.
Gone would be my sight all night,
if the moon, was gone, forever.

Gone would be my hope for life,
if those thoughts, could disappear.

I'm awake all night when you're there,
because, you're awake, night matters.
I'm always there, the one for you,
because, for me, it's you that matters.
I'd rather sleep waiting for you to call,
and dream about, our beautiful world.

I'm your's for eternity and a little more,
and I'll be with you, forever entangled.

It's almost one and the night's darker,
and yet my eyes, are full of your smile.
Stormy sky and the lights are off now,
and yet my words, won't stop for a while.
The more I write the less I know that,
it's not enough, I should write better.

It's never enough for me to write you,
I'm writing you one and I'll send it later.