2022-08-18 Genre: Poems

Love Of My Life

Those few moments before disasters,
Moments of breakups and pain,
Moments of failures and pain,
Moments of stress and pain,
Moments of rejections and pain,
Ahh pain!
My one true friend, my love.
The one who never leaves me.
The one and the only!
I love the constant breaks and patches.
I love how you surprise me.
I love the things you do to me.
Yeah! Pain! I love you.
I don't remember the day I met you.
My first cry, probably was you.
Pain, you make me happy.
The relief that it already happened.
The hope of mending the mistakes.
The feeling of being happy again.
Ohh pain!
My one true friend, my love.
The one who loves me back.
It's you who makes me strong.
It's you who help me make decisions,
strong, bold and difficult decisions.
Keeps me awake, help me breathe.
Without you, I may not exist.
What's 'happiness' before you?
Like, that one girl, whom you like but....
That sweet cake, delicious but...
That engineering tag, with knowledge but....
Those nice abs, with wows but...
Happiness, you're just full of buts,
"but toxic"
I just love the pureness of you, pain.
The night before a new day,
or the day before that starry night.
It's you who helps me though things.
it's you who showed me the world,
to think differently, to live!
Oh pain!
My one true friend, my love.