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Evernote to Joplin

There's always an open source alternative.

Using open source software is far better than using proprietary garbage. So this is one of my efforts to move to open source from a proprietary application that I use very often and love very much. Goodbye Evernote !


Probably the world's most used note taking app. It's simple yet powerful. You can use it for free on 3 devices with not much limitation from pro features. I have used Evernote (Free) since April 16th, 2018. It has been my must have tool for years. The data gets backed up in their server. It is fast and simple to sync my data even if I uninstalled the app. It has many tools to format the text as I like. It also has a web clipper that gets a webpage clipped on my note. It groups notes in notebooks and can tag them too.Overall it's a powerful note taking app which is well designed and beautiful.


Joplin is an open source note taking app having similar features to Evernote. It has the ability to backup your notes on the cloud of your choice. I even have an option to store my notes on their own cloud for some payment. The text formatting is done in markdown so it is sufficiently powerful for me. It also has a web clipper. it has the ability to group notes in Notebooks as well as tag them. It is one of the most powerful open source note taking application.

I recently migrated from Evernote to Joplin and wanted to document the process. ( Without the need to pay for syncing notes in the cloud similar to Evernote Free )


Creating a Free Nextcloud Account (For free syncing)

Creating a free Nextcloud account is easy. First, sign up with your choice of server from the given link. Sign up! Then delete unwanted things from your Nextcloud storage (Optional). Normally you get 2 - 5 GB of free storage. That's enough for keeping notes. You can keep other documents too if you want.

Exporting Notes From Evernote

To export notes, follow these steps :

  • Open Evernote Desktop.
  • Go to Notebooks.
  • Click of the options icon and choose export notes.
  • Choose the format as markdown (Evernote).
  • Specify the export folder.
  • Do this for every Notebooks you want exported.

Importing Notes To Joplin

To import notes to Joplin, follow these steps :

  • Open Joplin Desktop.
  • Go to files option.
  • Select import notes.
  • Navigate to the folder where you exported the notes from Evernote.
  • Select and import the notes one-by-one.
  • After importing there might be some minor mis-formatting of text.
  • Edit your notes to be perfectly formatted.

Integrating Joplin to Nextcloud

  • On Joplin go to it's settings.
  • Go to synchronization.
  • Change the initial cloud to Nextcloud. (You can use Dropbox if you want)
  • Open your web browser and get into your Nextcloud.
  • Select the hamburger menu, there you'll see a WebDAV URL, copy it.
  • Come to Joplin and paste the WebDAV URL.
  • Input your email and password.
  • Check the synchronization, It should work !

Configuring it to sync with Android/IOS

  • Download and open Joplin.
  • Go to Configuration
  • On the synchronization section, select Nextcloud.
  • Input WebDAV URL, Email and Password like you did in desktop.
  • Check the synchronization, will definitely work!

Don't Worry , Be Happy!

Here! You have successfully migrated from Evernote to Joplin. Now use Joplin like you used Evernote.

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