2023-04-08 Genre: Poems


Paths were taken, decisions were made.
Personality and values were given up.
Being different to being a different person.
Blended into same colors not existing anymore.
What happened to doing things differently?
What happened to not being influenced?

A small possibility, it was enough.
Unique, new unknowns and histories explored.
Learning new things to learning it wrong.
Being morphed into what the past lamented.
What became of not turning into them?
What became of never letting oneself go?

Lessons were learned, time was spent.
Tested were things and sure they were fun.
From growing up to wishing of glowing up.
Becoming the mirror one never wanted to see.
What happened to being the better one?
What happened to no further breaking hearts?

Lies were told, as they got out of sight.
Promises were broken as time passed by.
Being indistinct to gradually losing the links.
Forms altering from a somebody to no one.
What remained of the one who did care?
What remained of the person you strove to become?