2023-04-08 Genre: Poems

I Do Not Know

I wish my wish never comes true,
and this life I was never born to,
that the bang had never happened,
and I could see the true present.

I wish for God's free will to play,
and I lost half my life each day,
that I knew the unknown unknowns,
could borrow the time, like a loan.

Wish I could move the immovable,
want to be in the top of the world,
wish I could travel back in time,
and for I could undo my crimes.

I could make everyone agree,
and could control what I see,
control minds, mine and then others,
visualize what all universe covers,

Learn a lesson with no failure,
to every problem, there was a cure,
wishes came true, when I want to,
the night, bright and the day was blue.

Wish I knew each name and face,
no knowledge left for me to chase,
wish to move mountains with ease,
and make the impossibles a breeze.

To swim, in the depths of the sun,
and rewrite the laws that have begun,
wish to be both here and there,
to travel beyond without a care.

To know everything without learning,
and forget nothing without burning,
but as I wish for things so grand,
I feel the weight of time and sand.

I'll grasp at straws and hold onto hope,
that someday, somehow, I'll learn to cope,
for wishes alone just cannot bring,
the power to do impossible things.