2022-09-27 Genre: Poems

Here I Lie With Truth

There's a lot of things going on in my mind, right now.
Too many things I want to bring them out, but how?
Pain, mistakes, regrets, just aches that I have, oh wow!
Things I wish that I had stopped doing by now, no doubt.

Every nice thing I try to do goes wrong, you know?
Break yourself along with the people you love, oh no!
I tend to win them back with some more truth, although!
They wont ever know the darker side of me, just hope.

Love others like the way you love yourself? please don't!
Gave my whole heart away but she did't want it. I wont.
Show them that you love them equal by heart? You can't.
Know that you don't have anyone to talk now, then rant.

Tears from my eyes sliding down to the pillow, it's wet.
I wish that I had pushed myself a bit harder, too late.
One will stop loving me the way they do now, I'm afraid.
Not happy of what I keep on doing everyday, you bet.

You can do it better than that I thought of? No way!
Say you have all the answers to my problems? Go away!
I don't care what you think about my things, oh nay!
So you went away and did it all your way? "hooh-rayh".

I think about the past and think what's new, do you?
Ghosts from the past haunting me everyday, aaah...phew!
I kept on cheating my way out from them, noone knew.
Keep looping back and repeat all my mistakes, not new.

I need some people who say what I write are bad, I do.
I try to pour down everything on my writings, lies too.
Both my cheeks go red and the brain goes dark, heart blue.
It hurts to write and it hurts while writing, it's true.