2021-05-29 Genre: Poems


It's about us both
Maybe, it's not
Maybe It's only about me
It's about how I followed you
How I loved you
How we were together
How I felt when you disappeared
Maybe its all about you
About how you didn't notice me
How you lived your life flying and playing
How you didn't care
How you enjoyed the day and night
How I didn't matter
Maybe its about them
About how they made fun of us
How they made us different
How they manipulated our mind
How they used us both
How they took us apart
This was a heaven
A heaven of hope
Where you were a firefly
An innocent little beauty
Where I was the night
Dark cold and empty
And they were the rain
A cruel endless rain
We were destined to meet tomorrow.
A new day with a new hope
Where I hoped to meet you
See you dancing
In your own small world
but all that's left was hope
Not just any hope
But a false hope
A hope that broke my heart
A hope which hid the pain of truth
A hope that was toxic
A hope which pushed me
Far from your presence
Far far away from you
Far from the world of fireflies
Far far away from my firefly.