2021-10-12 Genre: Poems

You Were Born

With the big bang
Dust was formed.
Those combined
Stars were born.
Some big some small,
rocks were found.
They revolved around
and then turned round.

With passage of time
galaxies were formed.
One of the galaxies,
is our home,
which contains a star
that we call sun.

It was burning
It was big.
A ball of fire
revolved around it.
As the ball
started to cool
Something called water
began to drool.

On the water
life was formed.
As life grew up,
it used the sun.
Seeing the sun
up came plants.
They were everywhere
on water , on land.

With plants on land
fishes came up
Breathing under water
living on sand.
Then they left water,
land was home.
On the forests
they began to roam.

They grew up
with the trees.
Also started flying
like birds and bees.
Like the trees
they were huge.
With their presence
earth would lose.

And then one day.
the sky was bright.
Big ones slept
the remaining were light.
Small creatures
began to hide
under the ground
without any light.

The earth was cold
everything was freezing.
It was ice age
when they were living.
As the ice
began to melt,
All the creatures
relieved they felt.

The trees were back
the sun was warm.
The birds started flying
and bees with swarm.
The apes came up
and, then came men.
Men built houses
Men made farms
That was how,
we evolved.

All with time
we filled the earth.
With cities and kingdoms
Fights were fought.
After all settled
we all were one,
We made tech.
we made phones.
Suddenly the earth
was small as stones.

On that earth
They both were found.
Then they married
the oath was sworn.
They were together,
love was grown.
And that is how
You were born.