2022-08-28 Genre: Poems


A poem written by two different brains with different emotions.

Incharge, I thought I was,
thought I could control them.
Soo bad, was I soo wrong,
couldn't see when they came.

Swiftly, they came by and got stuck,
thought they'll pass by and not stay.
Warm and subtle, they lured their way,
I fear I might be the one standing at bay.

Shocked, I was to then know,
how those began to then grow.
Scared, that's all I was now,
hide them? or, shall I show.

Dilemma, you ask? that might not just justify,
for I could decide but still not be bold.
Sunshines and storms, it slowly spoke sense.
Let it go or have faith and hold?

Worried, I tend to cry sometimes,
though my heart, warm it feels.
Defeated, from all these norms,
I bow to them and then I kneel.

Longing, because it always feels home,
but sometimes I wish I had a shield.
Quarrels and conquers, looking for win.
Somewhere, I know, I have to yield.

| Stanza |     Poet      |  
| 1,3,5  | scientiac     |  
| 2,4,6  | resilientrasa |  

My friend resilientrasa's capsule.