2024-01-31Genre: Poems


Am I supposed to work hard?
Or should I only play smart?
Am I supposed to beat all?
Or do I help them not fall?
Is breaking trust an easy path?
Or is trust just some easy math?

Harsh choices,
big decisions, I'm tired.
Choose one,
lose one, there's riot.
Leave me,
I'll do, my style.
Pin me,
You'll get, meat pile.

Strong eye,
arrogant, I'll be.
Yield it,
chicken, they'll see.
Rely on,
exploited, be wreaked.
Trust one,
sole heart, it'll break.

Soft heart,
easy, knives in.
Rock hard,
alone, have been.
Drop out,
Potential, limited.
Give in,
fault's own, betrayed.

Tough time,
none know, my itch.
understand, can't ditch.
Hot warm, blood type.
I want, my life.