2022-12-30 Genre: Poems

Dear Hell

All the times, I smile, the thoughts.
Every time, I wish those, feelings.
Many times, I wonder, emotions.
Make my life, heaven, hey Hell!

The hope to win, their heart, their fake gods.
I've been Lost in time, no space, my free soul.
Things I've done, till now, the good deeds.
Wishes my soul, in Dise, oh Hell please!

Burning in the flames of fire, one, I feel.
The ice cold blistering curse, two, the itch.
Torture and pain to purify, three, my heart.
Being eaten alive, no mercy, a new birth!

Think I'm going one hell, many choices.
One where Christians go, is it, the Hell.
Or be it in the Hindus, they say, Narak.
May be it's them, Islam, Jahannam!

Choice and chances, I see it, the truth.
Feels like I'm in it, sometimes, my ruth.
I'm sure I'm going, to one, I bet.
All hail to it, null heart, true hell!

Sins all those, I've done, to them.
Brings my soul, near you, to pure.
Chop me into, pieces, ream me.
Then you'll see, the good, in me!

Kills and flesh, the blood, torn wide.
Things I think, the ways, dark side.
Greed and jealousy, the thoughts, kill me.
Dear Hell, I only trust you, clean me!