2021-10-18 Genre: Articles

Dark (Realization)

Something that my hyperactive brain came up with.

I live in a dark place. There is no light and the cold freezes me near to death. I can barely be alive, these decisions are hard to make. Should I burn my clothes or should I keep them on. Should die feeling the warmth or is it better to live longer shivering in the cold? Is it better to hide my feelings and be happy in front of others or should I make them pity about me and get relieved thinking they know the pain?

I am a human being, I can think about the consequences. I can see the effects of my choices. I can predict the outcome. I can do calculations more than any animal on the planet can do. That may be a good thing but the dilemmas, the multiple consequences, the positives and the negatives, values and cultures, my religions, my gender, peoples expectations, judgments and a lot other things like those add a lot of variables to the decision. Should I break all the cultures that has been taught to me to marry the girl I love or is it better to break up with her and marry someone who my religion and the stars lining on the sky think is best for me. This is just an example, but there are more dilemmas as we gradually move from a superstitious and highly religious society to a scientific and more literate society.

I am in a society where a decision made by me can break the elders heart but can be a good example for my children on the future. I can marry a guy being a man which might be a shameful act for a society of the age group of my father but on the other hand could be a great example to the future children that being gay isn't a thing to be ashamed of.

We want to make the world a better place by making everyone like ourselves. We think that our opinions are better than all others. Nobody wants to hear what someone is saying but everyone wants to say something that they think is the best. Instead of embracing the difference we have; color, religions, cultures, gender, shape, richness, etc and a different set of brains which can think differently we tend to fight against each other thinking we are not the same.

I stopped writing this article four days ago and I am trying to give this a proper ending. But the way my Brain processed these things is different than it was four days ago. I am unable to think further. The thing that I realize from this is that not even my own brain thinks the same every time. The same article will be different If I wrote it in a single day than if I wrote it one paragraph each day.

We humans don't want to change from who we are. We don't want others to teach us what is right or wrong but we do want to teach others. We feel happy on finding mistake of others. Not everyone will realize this anytime soon and the world is not going to be a better place in the near future. It's like the adoption of Linux as an operating system. There is not going to be a mass adoption of Linux anytime soon even though It is the best operating system which is privacy respecting, easy to use heck even 'ecofriendly'.

Not everything that is good is praised and adopted by everyone. It is mainly because they don't understand it or because they are so used to their own thing that they don't consider that change is a good thing. Nobody can convince anyone to adopt something they like if the person have no understanding of what it is (The case is even severe than that if that person has false information about it). The thing is that, people get scared of the things they don't understand.

This article is not going to change anyone's mind if someone disagrees with what I have written but will definitely bring a smile to the faces of the ones who did agree with what I am saying even before I even wrote it. Because that's how a human brain works.