2023-03-12 Genre: Poems


My hands are frozen, and my heart shivers.
My eyes are in pain, my brain just jitters.
I've been scared, and I cannot feel a thing.
Am I awake? Cause this feels like a dream.
Those ordinary days, I just used to chill.
Endless possibilities, I've begun to feel.
If this than that, the world revolves to it.
One inevitable rule, that I tried to cheat.
The world's broken, my head's full of flaws.
As I tried things, broken were those laws.
A step at a time, I'm losing all my grasp.
I trust people, keep falling for those traps.
A thousand times I think, to decide a blink.
Where else do I seek, just to find the link.
Should take on the hits, if you are in lead.
Let others leave, while you fight to bleed.
Why should I believe, anything you say.
Cause it's every day, people come and play.
But all hope isn't lost, though it's not the same.
It remains in the fire, as the heat to your flame.
Grow up with pain; cold, droughts and in rain.
All the things you've seen, won't just go in vain.
Some good it remains, in people that I know.
Daisies as they are, everywhere they'll grow.