2023-04-02 Genre: Poems


It's fun for the first time, no joke is funny twice.
A mistake for the first time, crime if is done twice.
Sacrifice for the first time, all fine till it's twice.
Say love for the first time, a lie if it's said twice.

A chicken crossed the road, gets me each time.
Drugs would be erasers, if mistakes were crime.
A pencil gets sharper, sacrificing self each time.
Mothers fall in love twice, don't agree? Ask mine.

It's easier to hold on, more easy to let go.
It's easier to move fast, more easy to take slow.
Decision, it's easy but, it is easier to make no.
It's easier to build it up, more easy is to blow.

A fire holds on with a spark, blow, and it won't burn.
Take a punch! Move on? I'll, take slaps but hold on.
Decide to run! It's easier, stay and you might learn.
Respect that you build up, the best thing that you earn.

I can add more lines to this, make it seem it's more.
Add more nonsense in it, make it seem it's broad.
More stanzas are there, the more I feel I've scored.
What I'm feeling right now, is what this part stores.

Making rhymes it's easy but, they are far from true.
What verses should I write, I don't even have a clue.
Everything feels wrong, with just one point of view.
It'll always be better with, a second point from you.