2022-12-26 Genre: Poems


Me, my place, the things I do.
Plans, the thoughts, those nightmares too.
Friends, the days, the one who's boo.
Games, my dreams, what was true.

Jobs, some hope, all my needs.
Rocks, the earth, what we feed.
Phones, my bones, books I read.
Love, the hobs, character indeed.

Sun, the time, old beautiful chimes.
Poems, all stories, all my rhymes.
Smile, your style, you seeing me.
Lies, your eyes, convos with me.

Nights, our fights, just who we are.
Pain, the rain, our little world.
Wish, its bliss, all wonders far.
Wars, the bars, the old scars.

Limit, those bounds, what I could.
Focus, the sciences, my good mood.
Papers, all problems, things we should.
Cold, my control, when we're rude.

Bluffs, the sobs, what should be told.
Wise, true advice, how we're mould.
Truth, small talks, the way I was sold.
Time changes, we change, the truth behold!