2022-07-02 Genre: Poems

Chain Rejection

Everybody has experienced rejection.
Some are brutal, some meh! It's fine.
I have experienced both, and yeah brutal.
One is a personal rejection and the other...
The other is weird, a chain rejection.
But a chain rejection is weird and brutal.
A chain rejection occurs only in a group.


You're presenting something in a group.
An event occurs, which was/n't planned.
One person supports the event and other,
and other and other and finally everyone.
That moment, your presentation in crushed
Crushed into pieces, pulverized, and finally
burnt to ashes, remains the dust, the dust,
that's of no use, a dust of pain and anger,
In my case the it was dust of my first try,
the dust of my confidence and finally,
the dust of my creation, my happyness.

Weird right ?

Well, naming a phenomena is fun,
sitting in silence swinging is fun too,
writing a poem in pain and anger,
too much fun!
The poem stores your anger in it,
And finally the poem heals you,
Ohhh! I had fun at last.
What a great day!
Experiencing chain rejection, was fun.
I am welcomed, It was fun, Thank You!