2020-12-17Genre: Stories

A Man Whose Heart Wasn't Broken

A wise old man once said and I quote,

"She didn't break my heart, she just made me very sad that my dopamine levels got very low. The only thing that could help to increase my dopamine and serotonin levels was to eat food. Excessive intake of so called "Tasty" food containing excess amount of saturated fat and cholesterol caused plaques to build up in my arteries. Due to the buildup of plaque, my arteries started to narrow down, decreasing the blood flow to my heart. The reduced blood flow caused chest pain, shortness of breath and other problems. Days passed by, but the plaque gradually went on increasing. One day I woke up and found out that I was unconscious for 2 days. The plaque had completely blocked one of my arteries. I had a heart attack . She didn't break my heart but she gave me a heart attack."

I was about to ask how the heck was he still alive, but my alarm went off and I woke up.